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The Magical Mixer

The Mixer is your most trustworthy friend in After Gym game. It will blend every ingredient you throw at it, from red apples to special powders you can only find exclusively in this game. But be careful, not every mix is appropriate for our athletes and you should pay attention to their exercise plan, or else it will change their body development progress.


The magical Ginseng is the souvenir of ancient China that keeps your energy level on top and delays fatigue. for those athletes who look for organic supplements, the Ginseng is a must try.

Magic Bang

Bulking Phase is an exceptional period in a workout plan that needs special measures. The Magic Bang powder is an exclusive supplement that will provide you with the extra protein needed in the bulking phase.

B Complex

The B Vitamins are the most desirable family of vitamins for gym athletes, because they improve the body’s metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The B COMPLEX will provide you with the standard dose of B vitamin for a perfect workout.

Pro Biotic Ultimate

Probiotics can improve athletic performance, recovery, body composition, testosterone levels, and cortisol levels. PROBIOTIC ULTIMATE will cover all your probiotical needs in a workout meal.

X2X Protein

Protein is without doubt one of the most important nutrients to take in a gym diet. X2X PROTEIN is the ultimate source of protein for your workout meals.

Hulk Bulk

If you want to be the next Hulk, you don’t need to expose yourself to heavy doses of Gamma radiations. Just take the Hulk Bulk in your Bulking Phase and you would become a monster in no time.

The Workout Room

The Workout room is the place where our athletes test the mixes you have made for them and go for a workout. Here you can monitor their muscle development and change your mixing plans if needed.